Lyrics – Man on a Mission@F@U#C%K

Man on a Mission

I got a one track mind
My blinders up
Now all I gotta do is get up, go out, and get her
Got the first step down
Uh-know what I want
All seven senses tryin’ to deliver

Now baby, let me fill you up inside (Up inside)
Spread your wings and (Open wide) open wide
So hot! So hot! So hot!

I’m a man on a mission
Straight ahead, less talk, more action
With no distractions
I’m all conditioned, thoroughbred
Go for the action, with no distractions yeah

You give every inch
Flesh, blood and bone
And it’s all wrapped up in a tight little bundle
Got an open mind, do anything
I been aware the ball might roll or tumble

So, right down to the bottom of the top (Ooo-ooh)
I’m gonna do it all in one big pot (Big pot)
Yeah! She got! She got! Me hot. Uh!

I’m a man on a mission
Straight ahead, less talk, more action
With no distraction (Ooooo)
I’m on a mission
I’m a thoroughbred Less talk, more action, with no distraction (Ooooo)
Ow, yeah! Uh!
I got no distractions
So get on, outta the way

Only thing that’s on my mind
Ah, she sure got my attention
Once you taste the real kind

(Guitar Solo)

Uh! Ahh! Come on!
She got. She got. Ah
Man on a mission, straight ahead
No talk, no action. I got no distractions
I’m all conditioned, what I say
A man on a mission, up ahead
Ah yeah! Woo! My kinda action
Ow! Uh!

No distractions
I got no distractions
No distractions. Uh!
No distractions, I’m on a mission
Woo! Ow!


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